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Placenta Encapsulation San Diego County


Progesterone~ Responsible for sustaining pregnancy. Calming and anti-inflammatory. Normalizes blood clotting, vascular tone and cell oxygen levels. Helps prevent endometrial cancer by regulating estrogen. It is being studied for its effects on improving memory and cognitive ability. Is routinely given to IVF patients and women who repeatedly miscarry, to support early pregnancy.


Prostaglandin~Helps shrink uterus to its original size.


Oxytocin~The love hormone. Responsible for bonding, maternal behavior and sexual arousal, prepares fetal neurons for delivery.


Estrogen~ accelerate metabolism (burn fat), increase vaginal lubrication, increase bone formation, promotes wound healing, "Sudden estrogen withdrawal, fluctuating estrogen, and periods of sustained estrogen low levels correlates with significant mood lowering. Clinical recovery from postpartum, perimenopause, and postmenopausal depression has been shown to be effective after levels of estrogen were stabilized and/or restored"


Prolactin~Triggers let down, regulates orgasm, inhibits menstruation during lactation.


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